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Raincatcher is an Award-Winning National Business Broker and Mergers & Acquisitions Firm

We understand selling your business means more than just finding a buyer. It’s about maximizing the value of your life’s work. At Raincatcher, we provide a transparent, hands on, and holistic team approach. 

We implement a bespoke process for each unique transaction that is proven to drive the best value and terms for our clients. From initial discussions to deal completion – we get it, and we’ll get you to the finish line.

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Our Process For Selling Businesses


We use a specialized investment banking style process in order to achieve maximum results for companies generating over $2M EBITDA.

Under $2M EBITDA

Raincatcher is an Inc. 5000 company and was named #1 Business Broker by Inc. Magazine. Meet the team to discover how we earned the honor.

We Are Experts In...

Sell-side Advisory

As one of the nation’s leading brokerage and M&A advisory firms, we help entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses with annual profit of $500K to $10M sell their business.

Buy a Business we Represent

We value our relationships with investment firms and acquisition entrepreneurs. Get started by registering as a buyer and telling us a bit about your investment thesis.

Hire us as Buy-side Advisors

Our targeted buy-side deal-sourcing services include developing a target list based on your mandate, and contacting and developing relationships with the targets. We can also include preliminary document gathering and transaction advisory.

Corporate Development

For select clients looking to grow their company through acquisition, we will act as an outsourced corporate development team.

Exit Consulting

We offer paid exit consulting services for select clients that are looking to prepare their business for an exit 12+ months away.


Our paid services offer both broker opinions of value (BOV) assessments and certified valuations. These services comprise more in-depth estimations of a company’s value than our complimentary exit planning valuations.

Our Clients

Raincatcher brings an investment banking style process to the lower middle market.

Most of our clients sell for $5M – $75M. However, we are well versed in working with companies over $100M and as small as $1M.

business brokers

$1M - $5M

investment banks

$75M - $100M

About Our Team

The Raincatcher team is primarily comprised of former business owners, investment bankers and public accountants. We have M&A advisors within a one hour flight of every major metro area in the US.

We have designed our team and process to bring an investment banking caliber service down to main street companies. Our clients are typically between $3M – $100M in valuation.

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