What is the 13-min Sellability Score?

Your Score is calculated through an analysis of your business' performance on 8 attributes — proven to be important to acquiring companies when evaluating a business as a potential acquisition target.

It is derived from the sum of these 8 scores using The Value Builder System™ proprietary model.

Your Score will provide you with a breakdown of where you land in regard to each of the 8 drivers important to buyers, and highlights where you stand amongst your industry average.

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Whether you want to sell your business now or decades into the future, getting your Value Builder score will allow you to:

  • Diagnose what may be holding you back from creating a company that can fully thrive without you.
  • See how an acquirer would evaluate your business, enabling you to focus today on what will be important down the road.
  • Identify hidden things that may quietly drag down the value of your business so you can eliminate them before they become a problem.
  • Pinpoint the part of your business that will have the most value to an acquirer so you can invest more resources in to those areas.

"It's been such an interesting journey. We never thought we were going to sell, but here we are. And we have our weekends back! It's been such a great experience with Raincatcher."

Scott Scharf

Catching Clouds
The Raincatcher team became our trusted business partners and confidantes who led the way and told us what to expect. They also had a creative team who worked with us - who knew that a brokerage would have that?”

Lindsey & Cary Zimmerman

Blue Dog Designs
"Raincatcher, from a buyer’s perspective, provides specialized expertise to navigate a business acquisition. They have a hands-on approach that creates transparency between both parties.”

Jared Kelso - Buyer

Friends for Life