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Raincatcher is a national business brokerage that specializes in small and mid-market businesses. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs buy and sell remarkable companies.

We believe small business is the heartbeat of America, and every small business owner deserves their chance at the American Dream. We aim to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs in search of that dream.

Our approach is different from the average business brokerage. We pride ourselves on servicing our clients with empathy and compassion, prioritizing their success as we partner alongside them on their journeys.

Our team comprises accomplished small business owners who have experienced the challenges that small to mid-sized private companies face. This experience enables us to guide our clients with firsthand experience through all phases of the business selling and buying processes.

Simply put, we care. We care about your business, and we will work hard to help you understand its value throughout your exit planning journey.



Meet Our Franchise Expert: Gary Wofford

Gary Wofford

Raincatcher's very own franchise expert offers support to entrepreneurs like you. Gary Wofford, a Senior Broker, brings decades of franchise experience as a multiple-location franchise owner and 21 years as the Executive Director of the Association of Taco John’s Franchisees.

Gary has a demonstrated track record of success in assisting franchise owners with the positioning, valuation, and marketing of their businesses for sale and the sourcing of qualified buyers. Gary is an accomplished consultant, corporate executive, entrepreneur, and small-business owner with diverse business experience.

If you're a franchise owner or potential buyer needing advice or just want to introduce yourself to our team, we would love to hear from you.

Schedule a time to speak with Gary here.

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How We Can Support You

The Raincatcher Advantage

We are here to support each franchise owner throughout their entrepreneurial journey, whether they are looking to boost value for their businesses, add a new franchise to their portfolio, or resell. Utilizing our proven value-building methods we will guide franchisees through the process of avoiding cash shortfalls, building and retaining the right team, as well as creating value on day one.

It’s a win-win situation - When working with Raincatcher, franchisees can build value for their businesses, and save time and resources, allowing them to focus on their primary business.

Additional Services We Offer

Estimated Business Valuation

Its purpose is to provide you with a range of value that may help you determine if your value expectations align with current market conditions. We are happy to offer this option as a faster, less detailed, and free alternative to our certified business valuation. Please be aware that this no-cost estimate will be calculated using only the financial information you provide.

The Business Value Report
FREE to all AAFD Members

Get your score on the 8 Factors That Drive Your Company’s Value. It will provide you with an analysis of your score and a detailed action plan for how to improve your score and areas of your business that will be important to buyers. Whether you're looking to sell today or in the future, this report shows you hidden areas to make improvements.

Raincatcher Opinion of Value

A comprehensive, 25+ page document and worksheet with data on your industry, profit plus addbacks, the valuation multiple, and the resulting valuation. It includes our proprietary Raincatcher score, allowing you to see your business through a buyer’s lens, including Raincatcher Factors and Value Builder Scores.

Certified Valuation

Completed by a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), these ensure that their values are accurate for legal purposes and will hold up well to scrutiny in a wide range of situations, including buying/ selling businesses, succession planning, shareholder disputes, gifting, stock buybacks, divorce, or estate tax.

Download our Selling Your Business with Raincatcher FREE eBook

This guide will help you walk through the selling process, from initial valuation to post-sale transition, and can help you understand common questions and potential pitfalls along your journey.



Whatever your unique company’s needs are, we are here to partner with you. Our team’s diverse experience spans Business Brokerage, M&A, and Investment banking, across a variety of industries. Combined with our customized Raincatcher Selling Process, we serve businesses of all sizes and industries.

  • Brokerage Services
    Powered by decades of experience, industry-leading propriety valuation resources, and digital marketing tactics, our brokers take a team approach to supporting your business and its unique journey.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    Our experienced M&A Advisors specializes in businesses valued at over $10MM. We know how to present businesses to these types of firms in a way that attracts offers and have developed contact lists with private equity groups and strategic buyers looking for larger investments.
  • Value Building
    We get pretty excited about value-building here at Raincatcher. Not only do we see it as a win-win for everyone involved, but we know that the slight shift in how you look at running a business will serve both your future and your career as a business owner indefinitely.

    We have different coaching avenues that can help you along your value-building journey. Led by Raincatcher's Director of Business Growth Susan Frew, Susan has decades of experience building and growing companies, and she’s an award-winning entrepreneur herself.

The foundation of our work lies in always doing what is in the best interests of our clients. Working alongside our M&A advisors not only gives you professional knowledge to accelerate your sale, but it also provides comprehensive insight that only comes with years of experience.

We follow a client-centric approach and take the time to understand your goals and critical objectives. Our seasoned experts partner with you to navigate the complexities of selling your business or simply building value.

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