What is an Opinion of Value?

The Raincatcher Opinion of Value is a vital tool to help you understand your company's true value and its place in its industry – it can highlight potential areas for improvement as you consider selling your company now or in the future.

Business Valuations: Done Different
  • We take a deep dive into your business’ performance, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for a more detailed valuation (based on three years of historical financials plus the Trailing Twelve Months)
  • The Raincatcher Score allows us to leverage our entire company’s valuable experience in what buyers will care about the most
  • The report can be customized to different industries rather than trying to make it one size fits all
  • As with all our deals, we apply the team approach to every Opinion of Value we create – our brokers work closely with our Financial Analyst on every detail
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Digging Deeper into What it is

A comprehensive 30-40 page document consisting of:

  • Our valuation worksheet, with data on how we determined your true earnings, the multiple, and the resulting valuation
  • Our proprietary Raincatcher Score, which incorporates every aspect of your business through the buyer’s lens with the Raincatcher Factors, ValueBuilder, and ProfitCents scores
  • An industry report with benchmarking and detailed analysis

What You'll Learn

With our team’s extensive experience and knowing what matters most to buyers, we’ll help you to understand:

  • What your business should sell for on the open market
  • What expenses should be treated as add-backs and increase your Seller’s Discretionary Earnings, which will in turn, increase your valuation
  • Which of your business attributes will be most appealing to buyers, and what should be improved in advance of going to market
  • How buyers will respond to the current state of your financials
  • Your industry’s trends that should be highlighted to buyers
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Why You Should Get It

This is not an appraisal but rather the current market value as an estimated potential sales price; this is immensely valuable in any of these scenarios:

  • Actively preparing to go to market, to understand what list price should be assigned
  • Planning to sell your business, learn the most critical improvements to make
  • In discussions with partners, understand the current value of each ownership stake
  • In negotiations with a buyer, understand where their offer stacks up against the market
“Being honest went a long way with us. Raincatcher explained the entire process to us, and had a well-organized system already in place and we just felt comfortable that it was the right fit."

Richard Francis

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"It's been such an interesting journey. We never thought we were going to sell, but here we are. And we have our weekends back! It's been such a great experience with Raincatcher."

Scott Scharf

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The Raincatcher team became our trusted business partners and confidantes who led the way and told us what to expect. They also had a creative team who worked with us - who knew that a brokerage would have that?”

Lindsey & Cary Zimmerman

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