Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory

At Raincatcher, our dedicated team of experienced Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Advisors specializes in businesses valued at over $5MM. We know how to present businesses to these types of firms in a way that attracts offers and have developed contact lists with private equity groups and strategic buyers looking for larger investments.

Raincatcher Mergers and Acquisitions

The Raincatcher Difference

  • Industry-leading proprietary valuation resources
  • Proven guide maps to help you sell a business
  • The most robust and integrated marketing strategies for promoting your business and finding the ideal buyer

When it comes time to think about selling a business, most small business owners have never given it a second thought. That’s where we can help. Our team of business brokerage experts has decades of experience. We will guide you through the selling process, find you the ideal buyer, and get you the maximum value for your business.

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Preparing Your Business for Sale

Build Your Business for Maximum Profit

The ultimate test of your business’ success can be found in a simple question: Would someone want to buy your company? And if so, why?

The foundation of a company fit for sale may not match what you have built to date. Find out what your business is worth and Value Building strategies to maximize the sale price of your business.

Increase business value 71%

Digital Native Businesses

The emergence of the digital economy has brought about a demand for business brokers who understand what makes online businesses valuable. Our digital brokerage team combines Raincatcher's uncompromising level of service with industry expertise by focusing their brokerage efforts exclusively on digitally native companies.

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Here's How It Works

At Raincatcher, our unique selling process allows us to find the best buyers that will offer the highest price for your business.

  • Using 27 unique sources of finding buyers, we start by developing a curated list of several hundred thousand serious entrepreneurs and buyers from all over the world.
  • We put a marketing plan in place and prepare an executive summary that presents your business in the best possible light.
  • We manage deal-flow and get multiple buyers interested in your business. That way, we can find you the “perfect buyer” – or even create deal tension between several buyers – that will all recognize, appreciate, compete for, and consequently pay top dollar for your business.

With Raincatcher as your broker, we help you position your company for sale. This allows you to keep your eye on the ball, running your business effectively and keeping your earnings as high as possible—which will ultimately allow you to get the maximum sales price for your company.

Client Testimonials

“Being honest went a long way with us. Raincatcher explained the entire process to us, and had a well-organized system already in place and we just felt comfortable that it was the right fit."

Richard Francis

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The Raincatcher team became our trusted business partners and confidantes who led the way and told us what to expect. They also had a creative team who worked with us - who knew that a brokerage would have that?”

Lindsey & Cary Zimmerman

Blue Dog Designs
"It's been such an interesting journey. We never thought we were going to sell, but here we are. And we have our weekends back! It's been such a great experience with Raincatcher."

Scott Scharf

Catching Clouds