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As entrepreneurs we started our business because we wanted to create an atypical life – the freedom to spend our time how we choose. But when it comes time to think about selling a business, most small business owners have never given it a second thought.

That’s where we come in. Raincatcher’s expert team of business brokers are the guide you need through the selling process to get you the maximum value for your business and find you the ideal buyer.

With decades of experience, our small business brokers offer:

  • Industry-leading proprietary valuation resources
  • Proven guidemaps to help you sell a business
  • The most robust and integrated marketing strategies for promoting your business and finding the ideal buyer

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After you request your free business valuation, you'll also be able to get a very detailed breakdown of the evaluation and steps you can take now to dramatically improve it.

you can trust in us and be confident in knowing that our complete FOCUS - every single day - is on buying and selling positive cash-flow businesses.

As your broker, we work hard in order to find the best buyers that will offer the best price for your business. In fact, we work with a curated list of several hundred thousand serious entrepreneurs and buyers from all over the world, (using our 27 unique sources of finding buyers) and the we do the following.

  • We put a marketing plan in place.
  • We prepare and EXECUTIVE SUMMARY to present your business i the best possible light.
  • We manage deal-flow.
  • And we get mulitple buyers interested in your business.
  • That way we can find you the "perfect Buyer" - or even create deal tension between several buyers - that will all recognize, appreciate, compete for, and consequently pay top dollar for your business.

When we act as your broker, and help you position your company for sale, it allows YOU to keep you eye on the call, running your business effectively and keeping your earning as high as possible. Which will ultimately allow you to get the maximum sales price for your company.

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