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Selling Your Chicago Business

Selling your business is a big decision. If you are considering selling your Chicago-area business, Raincatcher can help you through the process.

We’re business owners, too. So we understand how much pride you have in what you built. You grew it from an idea in your head to the thriving business it is today. It isn’t easy to part with that. It also comes with a lot of questions. Questions like:

  • “Is now the right time to sell my business?”
  • “What price can I get for my business? Am I really prepared to sell?”
  • “Once I know the value and am firm on selling, what is the process it takes to sell?”

These are tough questions that need the guidance of experienced brokers to answer. Raincatcher will be there for you to help answer these questions, and for the sales process that comes after. You need to be happy with the outcome - that is our only priority. Every action we take is with the goal of providing you an easy and stress-free process from beginning to end.

If you are weighing whether or not to sell your Chicago-area business, Raincatchers can help.

Buying a Business in Chicago

It doesn’t matter if you’re deciding to buy a business for the first time or if you’ve been through the process before - you still need an experienced guide to help you. Raincatcher can help you find a business pairing that’ll bring success all around.

Our Chicago-area team can help you:

  • Answer important questions pre-purchase to match you with the perfect business type.
  • Fully vet any business you are interested in.
  • Do the due diligence and guide you through any concerns.

We don’t have a cookie-cutter process we follow for buying a business. Every buyer is different, and we personalize our service to you. You’ll get honest advice based on what is best for your needs - not irrelevant data.


Perhaps the timing isn’t right for you to sell. We can still help! If you think selling your business is possible in the future, we offer Exit Planning Services to help you prepare.

Our Chicago-area Business Exit Planning Services help you:

  • Receive a comprehensive and honest valuation of your business.
  • Uncover areas of your business that may need improvement to attract the perfect buyer.
  • Prepare your Chicago business to be market-ready.

Connect with a Chicago Broker

Raincatcher team cameron bishop

Cameron Bishop

Managing Director - Midwest

Cam has over 40 years of executive-level business experience covering a broad array of business scenarios involving start-ups, product line extensions, organic growth, international business, mergers & acquisitions, deal integrations as well as business reorganization and digital transformation. In his early career, he began as a copywriter for a $7 million company and rose through the ranks to serve as CEO for this same company that grew to $400 million in revenue and $100 million in EBITDA profits with 2000 employees located in 23 U.S. cities and several foreign countries. From there, he launched a company in partnership with JP Morgan Chase Bank's Private Equity group that grew from $0 to $120 million in under 4 years.

He has since served as a partner in a consulting firm specializing in exit and transition planning and led a business turnaround and digital transformation under contract for the board of directors of a $60 million 501c3 company. But, his real passion remains in M&A since, over the years, he has executed 40 buys-side and 20+ sell-side deals and has seen many business owners who were improperly represented which resulted in them leaving their businesses with less value than they should have. He has a passion for helping business owners achieve their financial goals with proper support and representation, so he is thrilled to have an opportunity to do this each and every day with Raincatcher.

Cameron Bishop of Raincatcher is a registered representative offering securities and investment banking services through Britehorn Securities, a registered broker-dealer (member FINRA/SIPC).

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Raincatcher team mark halma

Mark Halma

Senior Broker

Mark Halma has been a deal-maker since he began his professional career. He has spent time working for organizations across multiple industries and phases such as tech start-ups, Fortune 100 consulting companies, and business brokerage firms. This array of experience has made Mark a savvy business-minded individual who enjoys working with organizations of all backgrounds and situations. As a Senior Broker at Raincatcher, Mark is passionate about helping business owners navigate the exit process, ensuring maximum value and return for all the hard work they’ve put in. He understands the value of a strong partnership and has a track record of delivering successful outcomes for clients. Mark has been a part of deal teams that have transacted over $400m in assets.

Mark was a student-athlete at Loyola University of Chicago, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Quinlan School of Business. As someone who truly believes in giving back, Mark is an active volunteer with Denver Kids Inc, and works with the elderly through Volunteers of America. When Mark isn’t working on deals, he can be found enjoying time with his wife, Sophie, and their daughter.

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