Helping people buy and sell companies in Kansas City is Raincatcher’s specialty

Want to Sell Your Company In Kansas City?

Known for its jazz heritage, delicious barbecue, and beautiful fountains, Kansas City is a haven for small businesses and entrepreneurs. And that’s why so many business owners, financiers, and investors look to Kansas City when they’re searching for a new business for their books.

If you want to sell your business in Kansas City but don’t know how to get started, you should work with Raincatcher. We’re a team of entrepreneurs who understand what it takes to build a successful company from scratch and sell it to the highest bidder.

We aim to help business owners navigate the selling process with as little hassle as possible. Plus, we provide valuable answers to common questions, like:

  • “How do I determine how much my business is worth?”

  • “How do I know when it’s the right time to sell my company?”

  • “How do I get in contact with interested buyers?”

Our experienced team of Kansas City business brokers takes pride in helping our clients sell their businesses for the highest margin possible.

And we make you feel great along the way.

Thinking About Buying a Business in Kansas City?

With over 50,000 active businesses, Kansas City is a hotbed for consumers with a lot of money to spend. As a result, it’s quickly risen to one of the best metros in the country to own and operate a business. And if you’re interested in buying a Kansas City business, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Raincatcher, we specialize in pairing our brokerage clients with available businesses that are right for them. During the buying process, we can help you:

  • Answer pre-buying questions that help us identify the types of businesses that should be on your radar.

  • Evaluate and perform due diligence on companies you’re interested in buying.

  • Build a bridge between you and businesses that fit your needs.

We offer honest, customized, and personalized advice for all our Kansas City clients, making the business buying process as simple as possible.

100% Confidential Process

Exit Planning Services in Kansas City

Would you like to sell your Kansas City business but want to wait until the market is just right? Raincatcher’s exit planning services are perfect for you! Our exit planning services include:

  • Honest evaluations and market analysis for your business.

  • Making your business market-ready.

  • Identifying and enhancing aspects of your business that will attract prospective buyers.

Connect with a Kansas City Broker

Raincatcher team cameron bishop

Cameron Bishop

Managing Director - Midwest

Cam has over 40 years of executive-level business experience covering a broad array of business scenarios involving start-ups, product line extensions, organic growth, international business, mergers & acquisitions, deal integrations as well as business reorganization and digital transformation. In his early career, he began as a copywriter for a $7 million company and rose through the ranks to serve as CEO for this same company that grew to $400 million in revenue and $100 million in EBITDA profits with 2000 employees located in 23 U.S. cities and several foreign countries. From there, he launched a company in partnership with JP Morgan Chase Bank's Private Equity group that grew from $0 to $120 million in under 4 years.

He has since served as a partner in a consulting firm specializing in exit and transition planning and led a business turnaround and digital transformation under contract for the board of directors of a $60 million 501c3 company. But, his real passion remains in M&A since, over the years, he has executed 40 buys-side and 20+ sell-side deals and has seen many business owners who were improperly represented which resulted in them leaving their businesses with less value than they should have. He has a passion for helping business owners achieve their financial goals with proper support and representation, so he is thrilled to have an opportunity to do this each and every day with Raincatcher.

Cameron Bishop of Raincatcher is a registered representative offering securities and investment banking services through Britehorn Securities, a registered broker-dealer (member FINRA/SIPC).

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Andy Henderson

Andy Henderson

Business Broker

Andy is an Associate Broker at Raincatcher in the Midwest Division with a strong business sense and an entrepreneurial spirit. Andy has over 15 years of experience with a Big Four public accounting firm. He has specialized in providing audit, technical accounting and advisory services to public and private companies in the technology, retail, and consumer industries.

Andy has strong technical skills including SEC rules and regulations, U.S. GAAP, revenue recognition, leases, sale-leaseback, business combinations, pro forma financial statements, carve-out financial statements, income taxes, stock compensation, and fair value accounting. Andy has significant experience with business acquisitions, financial due diligence and their integration into the acquiring companies. Andy has managed several public market debt and equity transactions, including the coordination with clients’ external SEC counsel and underwriters, review of applicable registration statements and pro forma financial information, as well as the issuance of comfort letters.

He holds an active Minnesota CPA license.

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