The Types Of Valuations

Estimated Business Valuation

As its name implies, an estimated business valuation is just an estimation of a business’s value. Its purpose is to provide you with a range of value that may help you determine if your value expectations align with current market conditions. We are happy to offer this option as a faster, less detailed, and free alternative to our certified business valuation. Please be aware that this no-cost estimate will be calculated using only the financial information you provide.

Raincatcher Opinion Of Value

A Raincatcher Opinion of Value is a report that includes the following information:

— A proprietary valuation of your business based on your specific information and a broker’s analysis of your business, its financials, the industry, and comparable market sales.

— A range of suggested prices for your business. Including highlights of the eight drivers of your company’s value, industry trends, risks and forecasting.

Certified Business Valuation

Simply put, a certified valuation is the highest standard of valuation. It is prepared by a certified, accredited valuation appraiser who gathers, analyzes, and reports on your business financials. This unbiased process removes any potential subjectivity and reflects your company’s true worth.

| Why Partner With Raincatcher for Your Valuation Needs

Our accredited valuation professionals are experts in all areas of business valuations. They are committed to ensuring you receive the most accurate, efficient, and easy-to-understand certified valuation of your business.

You can proceed with confidence, knowing that Raincatcher is the most reliable choice to prepare your valuations in regard to any and all of the following services:

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(Certified Valuation Only)

— Estate Planning and Gift Tax

— Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs)

— Income Tax

— Partnership Valuation Disputes

— Marital Dissolution (Divorce)


— Buying and Selling a Business

— Management Planning

— Buy / Sell Agreements


— Goodwill Impairment Testing

— Purchase Price Allocation

— Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) Valuation

— Complex Securities Valuations

— Identification and Valuation of Intangible Assets

(Certified Valuation Only)

— Solvency Analysis

— Valuations for Lender Support

— Expert Witness Testimony

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