Free Business Valuation


As a business owner or investor, having an accurate and realistic understanding of the value of your business or the value of your shares in a business is critical to strategic decision-making and planning.

Even if you're not looking to sell your business now, a Raincatcher valuation will help you build towards a higher selling price when it comes time to go to the negotiating table, all while building your business stronger every day between now and then.

Our certified valuations and opinions of value are performed by credentialed analysts who take the time to understand your business, its financials, industry trends, cash flow, and risk, and will help you understand how broader economic trends affect you.

We work collaboratively with your business to establish a scope and methodology that produces a supportable, high-quality valuation report in a timely manner.

Conclusion of Value

A Conclusion of Value is the type of valuation required for SBA Loans, ESOP’s, lender financing, and estate and gift filings.

In a Conclusion of Value, your Raincatcher analyst will perform a full valuation and produce a formal business valuation report. The report is extensive and incorporates complex business and financial reviews, not only of the company itself but also economic and industry context for the past and foreseeable future, based on the valuation date. Independent information is obtained including data from third parties, and the analyst performs a thorough review of every available element of the business.

Three valuation methods -- asset-based, income-based, and market-based -- are considered. The Conclusion of Value is the most extensive and strictly complies with rigorous valuation standards.

Calculation of Value

Though more limited in scope than the Conclusion of Value, a Calculation of Value can be an excellent resource for strategic planning, transaction planning, or out-of-court settlement negotiations.

You and your Raincatcher financial analyst will discuss and agree on the best valuation method to create a concise report on the state of your company in a cost-effective manner.

Raincatcher Opinion of Value

The Raincatcher Opinion of Value provides an estimate of the sale price of a business. Our brokerage and analyst teams will take into account the financial factors relating to value and the market factors relevant to the industry in which your business operates. These factors create an Opinion of Value that can be used for informational and planning purposes. The value estimate is derived from normalizing the profit and loss and analyzing the market conditions and current multiples for similar businesses to estimate what a willing buyer and willing seller would likely negotiate.


"It's been such an interesting journey. We never thought we were going to sell, but here we are. And we have our weekends back! It's been such a great experience with Raincatcher."

Scott Scharf

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“Being honest went a long way with us. Raincatcher explained the entire process to us, and had a well-organized system already in place and we just felt comfortable that it was the right fit."

Richard Francis

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The Raincatcher team became our trusted business partners and confidantes who led the way and told us what to expect. They also had a creative team who worked with us - who knew that a brokerage would have that?”

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