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A comprehensive business valuation is the foundation upon which every business owner makes the most crucial decisions for their company. Whether the intent is to buy or sell a business, procure a loan, build value, plan an estate, or even enter into divorce proceedings, an objective review of the market value of a business is where it all begins.

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Our accredited valuation professionals are experts in all areas of business valuations. They are committed to ensuring you receive the most accurate, efficient, and easy-to-understand valuation of your business.

You can proceed with confidence, knowing that Raincatcher is the most reliable choice to prepare your valuations.

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"Planning and Selling our business was way more complicated than we imagined. Raincatcher made it simple."

Mark Lorenz

Cheboygan Brewing Company
"The Raincatcher Team is very talented, from their digital marketing to matching businesses to the right buyer, and we were able to sell my business for $50,000 more than I originally planned. And that recommendation came from my Raincatcher broker and their financial group."

Neal Harper

Alpine Builder's Hardware
"They really helped me paint my company in the best light, and both tell the story of Arclight while [showcasing] our strengths."

Scott Cunningham

Arclight Dynamics