A deep dive into its inner workings will provide clarity, inspire confidence and turn ideas into actionable steps towards success.

Raincatcher’s Deep Dive is designed to guide your company to a higher level of value. No matter what your end goals are, your company needs to be built to sell.

The program will provide you with a detailed and objective review of everything from your marketing to your financials. Our certified business coaches will create a personalized plan to help navigate the best way forward and enable you to sell your company at maximum value when you are ready to take that step.

Raincatcher Deep Dive Features & Benefits Include:

  • Onsite, all-day visit with a certified business growth expert

  • A comprehensive valuation using the Value Opportunity Profile (VOP) - evaluating your company in 300 key areas

  • An in-depth analysis and benchmark software evaluation, industry reports, and the Value Builder report

  • DISC Profile - owner or team (optional)

  • A custom-tailored road map to help bolster your efforts in areas that need more support

  • A less owner dependent business