What is PREScoreTM?

How is it possible that three-quarters of owners are disappointed just one year after what should be the happiest day of their life? The answer is, most owners fail to consider the practical and emotional factors that can lead to disappointment after an exit.

The questions that make up the Personal Readiness to Exit (PRE) Score questionnaire are designed to help you evaluate your preparedness to exit your business and ensure you leave your company with no regrets.

4 Major drivers of an exit without regret

Future Vision

Why do you want to exit your business? What do you plan to go do after you leave your business?

Structuring Flexibility

How much is your business worth to you? What’s your bottom line? Have you considered the practical financial questions surrounding your exit?

Personal Detachment

How attached are you personally to your business? Have you built a fulfilling life outside of your company?

Team Involvement

Have you considered how your employees will be treated when you exit your company?


Your Detailed PREScoreTM Assessment

as a measure of your Personal Readiness to Exit your business: this includes a summary of unseen factors that could lead to regret.

The Exit Checklist: A 5-Step Personal Action Plan For A Happy (And Lucrative) Exit From Your Business

Free e-book as a gift.