Free Business Valuation


Are you ready to sell your company? We are here to talk to you about your future.

The first step on your exit journey is understanding the true value of your business. We would like to offer you an objective evaluation of your company so you understand where you stand today. It is free of charge and it is 100% confidential.

We also have options for you if you aren’t quite ready to sell your business. There are myriad ways to build value for your company over time.

You will build towards a higher selling price when it comes time to go to the negotiating table, and you will build a stronger business every day between now and then. And, most importantly, you will be prepared to answer all of the questions your potential buyers will ask you.

Let’s start with the first step, no matter what your journey will become: calculating your Free Confidential Valuation Score. It’s the benchmark from which you’ll sell your business at maximum value in the future.

"Planning and Selling our business was way more complicated than we imagined. Raincatcher made it simple."

Mark Lorenz

Cheboygan Brewing Company
Raincatcher just seemed more professional, more experienced. They were also talking about a much higher multiple they believed we could get for the company.

Columbia Pacific Construction

Columbia Pacific Construction
"They really helped me paint my company in the best light, and both tell the story of Arclight while [showcasing] our strengths."

Scott Cunningham

Arclight Dynamics