You'll Need an Expert —

Selling a business is no walk in the park – it’s a complex and time-consuming undertaking. Experience has taught me what it takes to bring a business to market successfully.

Gary Wofford min

I am an accomplished consultant, corporate executive, entrepreneur, and small business owner with diverse business experience. I bring significant value to Raincatcher clients by contributing to their business objectives and assisting them in realizing their goals.

As an outgrowth of my broad experience and success in franchising, business acquisitions, strategic planning, business development, operations, marketing, and finance, I joined the Raincatcher team in 2021 as a Senior Broker.

I bring years of experience and a demonstrated track record of success in assisting sellers with the positioning, valuation, and marketing of businesses for sale and sourcing qualified buyers.

My background includes managing large business owners, trade associations, senior-level positions with national and international companies, charter membership in a global entrepreneurship organization, and serving my community as an advisory commissioner.

I studied business administration at Oklahoma State University and am a licensed real estate broker.

It Starts With a Valuation —

An accurate, objective and realistic understanding of the value of your business (or the value of shares in a business) is critical to strategic decision-making and planning.

A valuation is the foundation upon which every entity makes those crucial decisions– for themselves and their company.

Having options is good… and we have the valuation options for you.


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Our accredited professionals are experts in all areas of business brokerage and M &A, including valuations, guiding you to build a remarkable enterprise, and achieving a successful sale of your business - personally and financially.

We are committed to ensuring you receive honest, accurate, easy-to-understand information throughout this process and guide you toward opportunity and minimize risk.

You can proceed confidently, knowing that Raincatcher and I are the most reliable choice to help you on this path.

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