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Selling a business is no walk in the park – it’s a complex and time-consuming undertaking. Experience has taught me what it takes to bring a business to market successfully.

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Laura Dvornicky is a Broker with Raincatcher. She brings passion and compassion to each and every client interaction. She is a practitioner of Kaizen and servant leadership and believes that integrity and success are not mutually exclusive, there is no such thing as a stupid question, and there's a song or movie reference for pretty much any situation.

She grew up in the Chesapeake Bay area and began her career out of a graduate counseling program with youth-serving nonprofits, making it possible for youth to have safe supports they wouldn't otherwise have. She pivoted into nonprofit account management, then automotive & motorcycle/powersports sales, then internet sales and finance management. Her experience in working with such a diverse range of people and helping them with their needs has made her a dynamic addition to the Raincatcher team and a relentless advocate for our clients.

Laura lives in the mountains west of Denver with her outdoorsy rescue mutt. She enjoys hiking, skiing, and motorcycle riding and has recently become an amateur mountain biker and fisherperson. In her heyday, she was a climber of all types (rock, ice, boulder), backcountry backpacker, avid concertgoer and karaoke semi-star and is exhilarated to have been rekindling these hobbies post-pandemic.

She has aspirations to serve on the board of a local nonprofit; and working with so many small business owners has her gears turning about opening her own business someday!

"Deal with good can't make a good deal with bad people" -Steven Heese

It Starts With a Valuation —

An accurate, objective and realistic understanding of the value of your business (or the value of shares in a business) is critical to strategic decision-making and planning.

A valuation is the foundation upon which every entity makes those crucial decisions– for themselves and their company.

Having options is good… and we have the valuation options for you.


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Our accredited professionals are experts in all areas of business brokerage and M &A, including valuations, guiding you to build a remarkable enterprise, and achieving a successful sale of your business - personally and financially.

We are committed to ensuring you receive honest, accurate, easy-to-understand information throughout this process and guide you toward opportunity and minimize risk.

You can proceed confidently, knowing that Raincatcher and I are the most reliable choice to help you on this path.

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