Asking Price $325,000
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Revenue: $1,831,930 Income: $200,000
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Successful Amazon (and eBay) Consumer Electronics E-commerce Business

SBA Approved

The company is a successful Amazon and eBay based e-commerce business that specializes in selling the same kind of high-demand, electronic consumer products you would typically find in your everyday “Big Box” retail store. They attribute their success to an aggressive pricing model, plus healthy profit margins, combined with an almost perfect feedback record. Their sales are up 39.89% as of 9/15/16 compared to the same time period in 2015. The monthly profits are consistent and reliable, and there are systems in place to automate and run the business as simply as possible.

Their core products include consumer electronics, computers, gaming consoles, tablets and TVs offered at low prices that other bricks-and-mortar and online retailers can’t compete with. Even though they sell at prices lower than their competitors, they are still able to maintain healthy profit margins and a competitive edge by buying retail overstock, end of life, and discontinued products, which they are able to get at deeply discounted prices. They also have special exclusive arrangements with certain vendors (including private sales not available to anyone else) that allows them to buy at prices so low they can in turn, offer the best, high-demand consumer goods at the absolute lowest prices online.

Purchase Considerations

  • The monthly profits are consistent and reliable.
  • The company has healthy profit margins and established exclusive relationships to continue to acquire inventory at deeply discounted prices.
  • This business has significant opportunities for growth and expansion.
  • The company has a valuable customer and email marketing list.
  • There are systems in place to automate and run the business as simple as possible.
  • The company has a 99% positive feedback rating with over 3400+ feedbacks on which makes it one of the highest-ranked consumer electronics retailers on the site.

Note: The company also has extensive approval of gated Amazon Categories – Which are not available to new accounts without experience and permission from Amazon.

Save yourself years of trial and error, frustration, and expensive learning curves. This business has refined what they buy, who they buy it from, and the margin at which they buy, making it easy for you to step in.

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