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Vet-Recommended Dog Lifting and Mobility Harness Manufacturer and Distributor

Patented High-growth Therapeutic Dog Harness Poised for Continued Sales Expansion in the $100B+ Pet Supply Industry

Locally owned and operated in Colorado, the Company has been in operation since 2005 and distributes its dual patent protected, full-body orthopedic dog harness from its Denver based warehouse. It can be operated remotely.

Both D2C (51%) and B2B (49%) sales are executed through telephone, mobile, and online, which operates 100% independently from Amazon; wholesale sales are driven by international partners, national suppliers, and veterinarian/vet college recommendations and referrals, to name a few.

Most DTC sales are the result of a vet, surgeon, or canine rehab therapist recommendation to a consumer, making for a compelling sales channel that also allows the vet/rehab therapist to sell additional services, including fittings.

The average lifespan of a dog is 10-13 years. Approximately 47% of dog owners care for a dog that is 7 years or older, which means that the Company targets a unique and widening segment of pet owners, and includes dogs who are not only aging but also injured and/or in rehabilitation.

The Company is growing in both wholesale and individual sales nationwide and internationally. It is optimally positioned to increase sales dramatically with targeted sales and marketing efforts.

The Company can scale by expanding its marketing and advertising to its existing enterprise customer base (vet hospitals, ER and surgical centers, rehab clinics and teaching universities) while increasing visibility to dog owners who are direct customers.

The Company’s product is produced by a South Korean contract manufacturer with a specialty in top brand outdoor gear products. Products are then stored, picked, packed and shipped at the Company warehouse in Denver, CO.

The well-designed eCommerce website functions as a knowledge hub for dog owners and veterinarians/industry professionals, including diagrams, instructional videos, and educational content. It is built on a lean, scalable infrastructure, ripe for next level execution of digital marketing strategies.

Purchase Considerations

  • Located in Colorado, and able to be operated remotely, the Company manufactures and distributes a patented full-body harness for injured, aging, and rehabilitating dogs that lifts them with comfort and ease for both the animal and the owner.

  • Founded in 2005 (product launch in 2008) by the inventors and patent holders of the Company’s revolutionary flagship product, they have grown steadily since inception, despite limited marketing efforts, and generated $3.78M in sales and $1.52M in earnings for the TTM ending July 31, 2021. The Company operates independent of location and leases a warehouse in Denver, CO where they store and ship inventory.

  • There is no other product on the pet market designed with the quality, comfort, and medical-grade pelvic support for aging, injured, or mobility-limited dogs, and the unique design and functionality is protected by 2 patents. The Company has built very strong brand awareness among veterinarians, surgeons, neurologists, sports medicine and rehabilitation practitioners, along with veterinary teaching hospitals. It is the go-to orthopedic harness because its patented design is like no other and does not put stress on the dog’s joints.

  • This “best in class” product is poised for growth in its core direct to consumer and veterinary medical channels, as well as multiple unaddressed channels including high-end pet retail, Amazon and others. COVID had no adverse impact on the business and the Company is not subject to seasonal fluctuations. Sales grew by 12.7% in 2020, in line with prior years. The long-term trend of increasing pet ownership was fueled further by COVID, and represents a substantial current and future addressable market.

  • As a canine orthopedic appliance product, historically distributed and marketed through animal hospitals, surgical centers, colleges of vet medicine and canine rehab therapists, the Company’s opportunity to grow further is limited only by the number of aging, injured, or mobility-limited dogs; their owners’ willingness to spend on their quality of life; and the number of such owners who can be successfully reached through effective marketing and distribution. If purchased by a buyer willing to invest in this area, a new owner should expect to see the Company scale and grow quickly.

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The Company’s warehouse is leased in Denver, CO, where order processing, fulfillment, and shipping is centralized
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Ownership understands the Company’s market potential and seeks a buyer with the capital and resources to continue to grow the business to meet its potential.