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Revenue: $1,536,593


Earnings: $574,390

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Atlanta, GA

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Executive Summary

Profitable and highly scalable technology platform in the 3D Real Estate Visualization space. Platform is mature; Team is strong; Processes are robust and efficient. Company is poised for explosive growth.

Unique technology enabled services platform that is transforming the 3D Real Estate Visualization industry

Exceptional financial performance with 65%+ gross margins that will be significantly accretive to the right buyer

Strong service delivery team with robust processes and a consistent talent development pipeline

Access to customers and capital to support scale will drive exponential growth

The Company occupies a unique position in the real estate visualization market as the first to use cutting-edge computer game technology to create architecturally accurate, realistic digital renderings of buildings before they are constructed. These digital twins are used during the real estate development process to rapidly iterate designs and facilitate quick decision making. Later, they are used for progress meetings and to visualize and interact with proposed changes. Finally, all of the presales and marketing collateral is generated at nearly zero incremental cost. A key strength of the Company is its proprietary project management and collaboration platform that is native to the 3D model development workflow. The Company delivers this impressive suite of services for the same cost as is currently spent just on sales and marketing renderings.

The Company has been profitable since its first full fiscal year in 2017, boasting an impressive 35% annual revenue growth rate over the past 4 years. The Company’s value to its customers is demonstrated by 1) 95% of Company’s lifetime revenue is from repeat customers, 2) same-customer bookings increased 43% in 2022, and 3) customer LTV now exceeds $1M. All of the pieces are in place to support significant growth, and with gross margins above 65%, that growth will be highly accretive to any acquirer.

Management has so far focused on 1) investment in platform development, 2) ensuring robust and efficient processes, and 3) building a core service delivery team and talent development pipeline. As a result, sales and marketing efforts have been almost entirely organic. The next phase of the Company’s trajectory involves dramatic growth. Company seeks to be acquired by a strategic organization that will expand access to customers and provide capital to support scale.

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This business is currently pending and is not accepting offers. Please check back periodically to see if it has become available.