High Growth, Recurring Revenue Digital Marketing Service Provider With Media Asset


At a Glance


Revenue: $5,114,752


Earnings: $1,288,803

Ownership is Seeking:

Majority Recap


Fully Remote

Buyer Fit:

Strategic buyer who has an existing digital marketing platform. Not a fit for individual buyers without committed capital.

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This business is currently under an exclusive letter of intent and is not accepting offers. Please check back periodically to see if it has become available.

Executive Summary

“Project Link”

The Company is a service provider to digital marketing agencies and SMBs who want to increase their online presence. Additionally, it has an accompanying blog that generates organic traffic and sales at a low cost.

The media asset site produces educational tutorials for a wide range of digital marketing (primarily SEO) content. Founded in 2012 out of a passion for identifying the best-in-class technical SEO strategies, the site has grown into a central hub of learning that houses hundreds of free tutorials and case studies to help people learn and grow their own businesses. The site receives approximately 60,000 visits per month from digital marketers mostly focused on SEO related tasks, tools and services.

Recognizing the value of their audience, the team monetized their content by recommending digital marketing and website-related products and services for affiliate commissions. Leadership then launched a link-building service in 2020 which has had to run in order to keep up with demand ever since.

Since inception, the link building business has focused on keeping up with demand but without sacrificing on specification. In order to grow margin and further increase standards, the team deployed a new system that is allowing them to fulfill orders internally driving COGS down from ~65% to ~35% by Q4 2024.

Currently, a remarkable 94% of the Company’s revenue is from recurring or re-occurring orders, 50.9% of revenue is from auto-recurring billing, and 24% of revenue is from agency customers.

Leadership has a strong passion for the business and would like to stay in place to continue to oversee much of the operations while lessening their administrative role.

The ideal acquirer will recognize the tremendous upside potential of these properties and will also have or launch synergistic products and/or services that will increase the value of the audience and team.

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This business is currently pending and is not accepting offers. Please check back periodically to see if it has become available.