Asking Price $1,300,000
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Revenue: $2,364,407 Income: $486,880
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NJ US Licensing Software Business of 17 Years

Highly Skilled Staff, Consistent YOY Profitability & Exceptional Service

The company is a well-established company consisting of eleven full-time staff and three long term off-shore contractors. They have had an impressive profitability track record since their inception. With its main office located in Mount Laurel, NJ, the company has been delivering exemplary licensing software services to the state of Maine for many years and is uniquely qualified to continue delivering these services and more.

In business since 2001, the company provides software design development and support services to state agencies that protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public by regulating professions, activities, sites, and other entities through compliance and education. Their reach into more agencies within the state of Maine has steadily grown, as regulatory agencies with unfulfilled needs have elected to move to the company's Agency License Management System (ALMS). The services provided involve more than software development and maintenance. Their experience working with the state and expertise in licensing methodology provides Maine with a more valuable product than the typical software development vendor. Agencies currently using ALMS have a high level of satisfaction. New agencies often hire the company primarily as a result of the company’s reputation and word-of-mouth referrals from other agencies.

Due to the niche nature of the business, the company does not compete directly with any “top competitors.” Given the long-term contract with the State of Maine, with an annual value of $2 million (plus unused funds carried from prior years), revenue from Maine represents 100% of the company’s total revenue (100% recurring revenue).

While achieving impressive financial results over the past years, the company still has a significant opportunity to grow by targeting other agencies within Maine that are displeased with their current licensing system. Becoming part of a larger company would allow for more dramatic growth by positioning the company to broaden its service offerings in Maine and to expand into other states.

With over $2.3 million in total income, $487K in seller’s discretionary cash flow, an average EBITDA margin of 20%, Raincatcher lists the company at $1.3mm with negotiable terms.

Purchase Considerations

  • Established company of 17 years with an impressive track record
  • Consistently profitable over the years of operation
  • Niche leadership position in the licensing space
  • Long-standing, strong relationships with service state and its agencies
  • Healthy margins with an average EBITDA of ~ 20% of revenue
  • Immense unlocked growth potential with unexploited opportunities within and outside of service state
  • Long-term exclusive customer relationship in place with a yearly value of $2MM
  • Highly skilled staff with expertise in licensing and strong software development skills
  • Exceptional customer support

The asking price is $1.3 million.

The three directors of the business have recently entered their 60's and would like to have a succession plan in place with individuals qualified to sustain and grow the company going forward. The current directors are willing to negotiate the terms of their stay to ensure a smooth transition. They want the staff to continue to have a place to work and for the company to live on and grow to its potential. They want Maine to continue to get the type of service they have had for the last 17 years. The leadership team has evaluated a number of ways to address the succession plan issue and determined that becoming part of a larger organization best addresses this concern and provided other value as well.

The company has had a long-standing interest in getting into other states; however, it has been often challenging to win business with single client status. Becoming part of a larger company would position the company for growth into other states and allow it to broaden its services in Maine to unlock the company’s true growth potential.

11 Full Time   3 Contractors  
Years in Business
Asking Price


The three Directors of the business have recently entered their 60's and would like to have a succession plan in place with individuals qualified to sustain and grow the company going forward.
Reason For Sale
2,139 Sqft. Rent Expense: $45,989/ year, or $21.50 per square foot