Prepare Your Business to Sell

Even if you're not ready to sell, your business needs to be built-to-sell.

Take the Time now to Make More Later

By taking the time to work alongside our Raincatcher exit planning experts, you will transform your business into a built-to-sell enterprise in a matter of months.

We’ll guide you through our proven multi-step process designed with one goal in mind – maximizing the value of your business at exit.

  • Find ways to scale your business
  • Increase the value of your business
  • Unleash the power of your financials
  • Develop a scalable sales and marketing strategy

Exit Planning: Uncover your hidden value

"Exit planning took on a whole new meaning when we started the program, because I realized we focused on specific key drivers of value that buyers focus on when they are looking for a company to acquire. Raincatcher helped me restructure my company in a way that uncovered my hidden value, which I didn’t even realize was there. It reminded me of when we sold our house. The real estate agent had us stage our home, tidy things up, spruce up the landscaping and more to make sure our house presented well to buyers. Without oversimplifying things, that’s exit planning, and it’s worth its weight in gold.”

Exit Planning: Get out of your own way

“I never would have thought I would be the reason my business was virtually worthless. I was proud of how many hats I wore and how all my customers knew me by name. But, as I found out, my business was dependent on me to operate, and any interested buyers would have discounted their offer price significantly and required me to work in the business for several years after the sale. Or just walked away. Raincatcher’s exit planning team worked with me to reduce the owner and customer-dependency issues, which were dragging my value down. This was a game changer, because we sold the company for much more than I could have imagined when we started.”


“We’d always handed our receipts to our CPA every month and had them do our books. It seemed to help, but I realized that my CPA was a tax professional, not an accountant. Raincatcher worked with me to professionalize our accounting records to prepare our business for sale. They reminded me that when my books were accurate and complete, my business would sparkle and shine to buyers, and separate me from the competition. When we put our business on the market, we received multiple offers and sold our company for much more than we could have hoped for.”

Earn More Money at Exit

After analyzing more than 30,000 businesses, we’ve found that companies that take the time to develop an exit strategy sell their business for 71% more than businesses who don’t plan.


What's the cost

Our exit planning fees are built into the cost of the sale.

With proper preparation you can get a 71% value boost in the sale of your business, which will more than cover the cost of working with our team.

The exit planning fees to get your business for sale are considered one-time costs that get added back to your net profits as a one-time fee.

Start your journey with our 13 minute assessment. We promise our program will help you sell your business today.

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