Raincatcher’s Exit Advisory Program is here to help you grow your business into a remarkable enterprise that’s primed for sale – or in other words, in the best shape it can be.

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As a Business Owner, You Deserve To Have Options —

Running a business is a personal process. Raincatcher’s advisory program will show you how to put an objective buyer’s lens over your company. We will help you delve deeper into any obstacles you may have running your business, and provide the focused attention you need to overcome them.

We have the experience and skill to help you build your business whether you want to sell a year from now, five years from now, or never.

Our exit advisory services will help you pivot your business toward greater profit and value. We are not here to coach you — we are here to help you valuate your business, run your numbers, and hatch a new plan for success.

We want you to have a valuable asset in your business– one that will continue to grow over time, and in turn, can afford you the freedom to choose what options work best for you.

Raincatcher’s Exit Advisory features and benefits include:

  • Valuations & Value Builder Assessments

  • Short-Term Growth Strategies

  • Preparing for Sale

  • Preferred Affiliate Advisory

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Estimated Business Valuation

Its purpose is to provide you with a range of value that may help you determine if your value expectations align with current market conditions. We are happy to offer this option as a faster, less detailed, and free alternative to our certified business valuation. Please be aware that this no-cost estimate will be calculated using only the financial information you provide.

Raincatcher Opinion of Value

A comprehensive, 25+ page document and worksheet with data on your industry, profit plus addbacks, the valuation multiple, and the resulting valuation. It includes our proprietary Raincatcher score, allowing you to see your business through a buyer’s lens, including Raincatcher Factors and Value Builder Scores.

Certified Valuation

Completed by a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), these ensure that their values are accurate for legal purposes and will hold up well to scrutiny in a wide range of situations, including buying/ selling businesses, succession planning, shareholder disputes, gifting, stock buybacks, divorce, or estate tax.