What does Value Building Mean?

The ultimate test of your business’ success can be found in a simple question: Would someone want to buy your company? And if so, why?

The foundation of a company fit for sale may not match what you have built to date. And the way that you are running your company may not have enough space between you and its daily operations to prep it for sale.

So, is it really time to sell your company… or would you be better served by building value for a future sale date at a higher price?

We can help you make clear decisions. And we can guide you through different avenues by which you will optimize your company’s value, including:

  • Focusing on Profitability
  • Maximizing Your Marketing Efforts
  • Organizing Your Daily Operations
  • Managing Cash Flow
Increase business value 71%


We get pretty excited about value-building here at Raincatcher. Not only do we see it as a win-win for everyone involved, but we know that the slight shift in how you look at running a business will serve both your future and your career as a business owner indefinitely.

We have different coaching avenues that can help you along your value-building journey. Led by Raincatcher's Director of Business Growth Susan Frew, Susan has decades of experience building and growing companies, and she’s an award-winning entrepreneur herself.

What we offer...

Deep Dive

Evaluation. Personalization. Turn Strategy Into Action.

A personalized program to help you evaluate your company and help guide it to a higher level of value.

Features & Benefits:

  • Onsite, all-day visit with a certified business growth expert
  • A comprehensive valuation using the Value Opportunity Profile (VOP) - evaluating your company in 300 key areas
  • An in-depth analysis and benchmark software evaluation, industry reports, and the Value Builder report
  • DISC Profile - owner or team (optional)
  • A custom-tailored road map to help bolster your efforts in areas that need more support
  • A less owner-dependent business


A Growth Program Built Exclusively for You.

One-on-One Coaching Program combines the power of Value Building and Profit First with Susan’s focused guidance.

Features & Benefits:

  • Focused Coaching
  • Value Builder Coaching
  • Profit First and Financials Coaching
  • Marketing Coaching
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Build Value During Uncertain Times

Understanding the right time to sell is more important than ever during today’s ever-changing financial landscape. While you may feel that it’s time to move on, the truth may just be that it’s time to hold tight and build value for your business.