Professional Business Valuations

About Raincatcher's Business Valuation Services

Whether you are getting a business value for estate planning purposes, developing a buy-sell agreement, buying out a partner, or you just want to know if now is the time to sell or not, Raincatcher offers comprehensive valuation services for owners of companies $1m – $100m in revenue.

How Valuations are Comprised

Business valuations are arrived at by gathering thorough information on your business’ financials, history, clientele, churn, differentiation, and team. We will then look at comparable transactions in various databases. Finally, the broker will compile a report that includes their belief of a fair market value for your business.

How Accurate are Valuations

The market for lower middle-market companies is inherently inefficient. While bids on real estate will often be within 2% – 4% of each other, bids on small and mid-sized companies vary by as much as 50% in price and have varying compensation methods and payment structures. This highlights the importance of proper representation when selling your company or when getting a valuation.

For the majority of companies that we value and end up bringing to market, the appraised valuation will be within 10% of the final sales price. However, there have been scenarios where the business, the overall economy, or the market for the business has strengthened or softened while the business was in the market. This has resulted in some companies not getting close to the appraised valuation and others getting up to 50% more than they believe they would get.

Request A Consultation

If you are currently doing over $1m in annual revenue and would like a more informed view on the valuation of your company, we invite you to reach out and request a consultation. 

Within 10 minutes we can typically tell you if a valuation package is worthwhile for your company and quote you a fee.

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