Don't go it alone

As a business owner, you’ve put years of time, passion, sweat, and tears into your company. Nobody knows that better than you. The process of preparing to exit can feel overwhelming. We get it. We're entrepreneurs ourselves, and we have helped thousands of business owners just like you build value for and sell their businesses.

This program empowers entrepreneurs who may not need or want the full support of a broker with best-in-class materials to transition from their businesses for maximum value. Our mission is to help business owners reap the benefits of their hard work and long hours. You deserve the best possible price for your efforts.


Unlock the Power of a Team

Raincatcher’s Sell by Owner program provides you with the tools, software, training, and guidance you will need to prepare to exit your business. You will be able to tap into the collective experience and knowledge of our brokerage teams without the price tag of a broker’s fee. While this program is designed for you to sell your business on your own, you will have the support of a team at your fingertips.

Program Features

  1. Access to Raincatcher's support specialist team to help you through the marketing and listing process.
  2. A comprehensive three-report business valuation, including a 27-page report on the strengths and weaknesses of your business, an industry report, and an assessment of your readiness to sell your business.
  3. Access to eLearning courses to help you prepare your business as well as sell your business.
  4. Access to deal project management software (for up to 6 months) that allows you to track all buyers and marketing efforts. It also walks you through the closing process step-by-step.
  5. Assistance with creating marketing material.
  6. Professionally designed prospectus.
  7. Assistance posting your deal on various marketing websites that we recommend.
  8. Free business listing on Raincatcher Sell by Owner listing website.
  9. Documents and tools to help you close the deal.
  10. Due diligence data room.