Dan Riner





Daniel has nearly 10 years of business and transaction advisory experience. He has a successful track record of executing lower middle-market deals to top-ranked Private Equity firms such as Blue Point Capital. He has deep industry experience with a background in M&A, Equity Research, and Valuation at elite advisory firms such as KPMG and Macquarie.

Prior to joining Raincatcher, Daniel’s industry experience ranges from Business Services, Telecoms, Utilities, Environmental Solutions, Infrastructure, and Startups. Additionally, as an entrepreneur, he previously worked as the Chief Strategy Consultant for a growing Health & Wellness startup, advising on Strategy & Operations as well as developing the company’s 7-Year Business Plan, including exit scenarios. He specializes in catering to small and medium sized middle-market and underserved family-owned businesses who are reaching retirement age and look to pass their legacy and esteemed reputation on to a trusted source. Daniel has a BSc. in Finance & Economics from Florida State University as well as a Master of Science in Finance from Florida State.


Daniel was born in Virginia but grew up in Pensacola, FL. He’s lived in countries as far away as Japan because of his father’s military service where he served as a Colonel in the Marines and served 2 tours in Vietnam. Daniel currently resides in the South Florida area.

Daniel loves the outdoors, particularly hiking mountains and traversing through the wilderness where the unexplored meets the imagination. Ultimately, though, Daniel’s Faith is what carries him day to day and is where his mind rests in peace on the eternal – Titus 2:11-13.

Favorite part of working at Raincatcher:

As someone with entrepreneurial experience, I find it satisfying working with underserved small business owners and entrepreneurs who usually do not have the same level of representation as larger businesses. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to work with those who have the greatest need while delivering maximal integrity and service excellence on a once in a lifetime event. I fully understand each family-owned operator and entrepreneur has completely unique circumstances and desires that demand a certain level of passion and care as if you’re a part of my own family. I am thrilled to work on your behalf while ensuring your legacy stretches beyond the foreseeable horizon.