Laura Dvornicky




Laura grew up in the Chesapeake Bay area and began her career out of a graduate counseling program with youth-serving nonprofits. She pivoted into nonprofit account management, then automotive & motorcycle/powersports sales, then internet sales and finance management. Laura’s experience in working with such a diverse range of people made her a dynamic addition to the team and a relentless advocate for our clients.

Upon joining Raincatcher, Laura initially supported deals in an administrative capacity starting in 2020 and evolved into a brokerage role with the support of the team in late 2022. This transition has enabled her to more fully express her affinity for advancing small business and M&A transactions in a transparent, efficient, and compassionate manner, and share the satisfaction of fully actualizing both the legacy of the exiting owners and the potential of the incoming owners.


Laura lives in the mountains west of Denver with her outdoorsy rescue mutt; though her family still is on the East Coast, she is happily immersed in a community of fellow Colorado adventurers. She enjoys hiking, skiing, climbing, fishing, and motorcycle riding and is a karaoke semi-star. She has aspirations to serve on the board of a local nonprofit and maybe even start her own business.

Favorite part of working at Raincatcher:

My favorite part of my job is working with great people and great clients.

“Deal with good people…you can’t make a good deal with bad people” -Steven Heese