NEW Mastermind Course Begins

September 2022

Are you ready to build value for your business in 2022?

Our Mastermind Course, led by Raincatcher's Director of Business Growth, Susan Frew, is designed to help business owners maximize profit and marketing efforts. Held in a group coaching environment, Mastermind will walk you through critical aspects of cash flow management and cash forecasting, the 8 Key Drivers of The Value Building System™, and so much more!

Our six-month course is a one-of-a-kind business experience. What are you waiting for?

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With support from your facilitators, your Mastermind group helps you and your fellow members achieve success.
Members challenge each other to set strong goals and, more importantly, to accomplish them.

Map Your Future

Build value in your business and gain freedom as an owner


Tap into the expertise of the entire Raincatcher team

Level Up

Learn how to think – and grow – bigger


Hands-on support, with groups of around 10 members

What is Mastermind?

It can be lonely at the top. That’s why we created our Mastermind. It’s a way for you to grow and strengthen your business while being a part of a supportive and exclusive community.

Masterminds are a long-proven methodology to help people grow with peer-to-peer support. They have been driving ideas and businesses forward in the United States since the days of Benjamin Franklin. He is thought to have established the first documented mastermind group in the U.S. in 1727, The Junto Group.

We are providing our spin on the classic notion of a mastermind group — bringing together small business owners for a one-of-a-kind business education experience.

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Facts & Features

Our goal: to provide business education for owners and help them build value in their companies using the Value Builder System & Profit First method.

Features and benefits include:

  • We utilize a team approach.
  • Our Business Growth Division, Managing Directors, and CEO will all contribute to your success.
  • Our coaches have decades of experience and the credentials to coach you towards what business success means to you — whether that is preparing to sell or building a prosperous business that you can run and enjoy.
  • Collaboration and peer-to-peer mentoring with other business owners.
  • We are accredited in the Profit First and Value Builder™ methodologies.


This is a seven-month course that meets twice a month for 60 minutes. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A check-in. What highlight or win have you had in the last 30 days?
  • Accountability. Did you do what you said you would do at our last session? Are you ahead, behind, or on pace with your number one strategic priority?
  • Perspective. What progress do you need to make on your strategic priority in the next 30 days? What has to happen for that progress to occur? Do you have any blockers?
  • Action items. Based on the perspective you received today, what will you do, and when will you get it done?

Are you ready to build value for your business in 2022?

We'd love to connect with you and discuss in more detail all the benefits of Mastermind and how we want to help your business thrive!

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