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What is a Business Advisor & How Do We Help Business Owners to Scale & Exit?

As M&A and business advisors, we are seasoned professionals who provide expert advice, resources, and strategic guidance to our business owner clients. We deliver value to small businesses and mid-sized organizations alike by contributing our experience and sector-specific knowledge in areas of business management, growth strategy, leadership, and mergers and acquisitions. Whether an entrepreneur is at the helm of a growing startup or a small organization preparing to scale, a skilled business advisor can identify the pathways to increased efficiency and profitability. The business advise we give typically encompasses a spectrum of business development tactics, hiring and delegating, process development and finally, mergers and acquisitions advisory for those looking to grow through acquisition.

For businesses at a growth stage, the stakes are particularly high. This is where the expertise of business advisors becomes indispensable and charting a path of business growth while also creating a sellable enterprise is rooted. We guide business owners through the complexities of expanding operations and resources. Scalability is at the core of long-term success, and with the right strategy, business owners are equipped to navigate market challenges and seize opportunities. We find that in addition to our role in selling companies, our work as advisors is pivotal in orchestrating these strategies and successfully scaling companies.

Moreover, when considering an exit, we provide value by formulating an exit strategy that maximizes the value and proceeds of the business. We find that this is where our advise stands apart from that of business coaches as M&A is our core service.

Business growth doesn’t just focus on revenue; it also involves preparing the company for a successful transition and helping to optimize the valuations that buyers will be willing to pay in an M&A auction process. Crafting an exit strategy ideally positions the business for acquisition, leveraging the organization’s strengths to attract potential buyers to submit bids or other companies in your industry that would propose a buyout or merger. Here, the intricate understanding of M&A dynamics by business advisors is crucial. By running a competitive auction process and soliciting multiple bids from buyers, we aim to find investors who will ensure that leadership transitions smoothly and that the fundamental values and vision of the business are upheld after the exit. Rich content results: Image

The Range of Services Offered by Business Advisors for Small & Lower middle-market Businesses

As business advisors, we provide a wide array of services designed to bolster the growth and efficiency of small businesses and those in the lower middle-market sector. With expert management advice, our advisors will help you to streamline your company operations, enhance strategy development, and keep KPIs and proper financials on your company. Our business advisors collaborate closely with company leaders to design a bespoke plan of action that aligns with the company’s goals and market dynamics. Moreover, operations advice is critical for improving the day-to-day effectiveness and productivity, ensuring that the business can thrive even in competitive landscapes.

Additionally, given our position as M&A advisors in the market, our team has a strong pulse of what buyers are looking to see in companies that they acquire and can guide you to optimize your business for a successful exit.

As business advisors, we tailor our consulting services to help our clients increase their brands visibility, and drive sales. All while recognizing the importance of multiple revenue streams and streamlined operations for growth and eventual exit. The development of innovative business development strategies can open new markets and opportunities, setting the stage for expansion and scaling. Additionally, our advisors provide investment advice for those looking to grow through acquisition by assisting in identifying valuable opportunities and navigating the complex waters of mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

While we do not offer outsourced CFO or financial management services, our business advisors will introduce your to our peers in the business coaching and advisory space who offer comprehensive financial services ranging from day-to-day budget management to long-term growth planning. Tax planning also plays a critical role; the adept advisors that we refer our clients to work to minimize liabilities while ensuring compliance with the latest regulations. By integrating consulting services with tailored advice.

Work With the Highest Standard of Business Advisor

When it comes to navigating the complexities of mergers and acquisitions (also known as business brokerage) or propelling a growth-stage company towards new heights, seeking the advise of a quality business advisor who exemplifies the highest standard in professional expertise is crucial. We hold our business advisory and M&A team accountable to be top-tier professionals and to bring a suite of management skills and leadership finesse to the table, aligning with the quality and strategic advising necessary for success.

Our role as M&A advisors is not simply to suggest generic solutions but to provide expert advice tailored to the unique needs of a business. Then, once it is ready to sell, to properly position that business in a comprehensive marketing document for the market to maximize investor interest and the number of bids received.

Advisors with top-tier credentials, such as the team here at Raincatcher, understand the importance of quality assurance in every aspect of their advising, fortifying a company’s foundation for maintaining high business standards of excellence. Members of our M&A and business advisor team are federally licensed under FINRA and come from backgrounds as successful investment bankers, public accountants and business owners.

Whether you’re getting your business exit ready and seeking our expertise in putting the business on the market to solicit bids from investors, or you’re refining your approach to market the business or crafting delegating to your team to decrease owner reliance, the expertise offered by a specialized business advisor can not be duplicated by a ‘do it all’ business coach.

Having overseen dozens of business transactions gives our advisors the benefit of the ability to share with business owners what private equity firms and other business buyers look for in acquisition targets. Implementing this expertise into the business growth road map can help optimize a business for exit well before that day ever comes.

The Dozens of Ways that Your Business (and its value) can be Enhanced with Expert Advising Services

When navigating the dynamic landscape of mergers and acquisitions or steering through the pivotal growth stages of your company, the impact of a seasoned business advisor cannot be overstated. With a prowess in business value enhancement and an array of expert advising services at their disposal, advisors are the strategic catalysts sparking transformative growth. Their skill set extends across management, marketing, sales, financial health, and operations optimization. At the forefront of value optimization, business advisors employ superior management strategies to ensure sales growth and robust financial management.

The depth of advisory services spans from foundational strategic planning to intricate technology integration, poised to maximize operations efficiency through digital transformation. A harmonious blend of traditional and digital methodologies augments the breadth of business services offered. As businesses are thrust into an increasingly technology-driven market, advisors adept in digital realms facilitate a seamless migration towards innovative platforms, enhancing not only functionality but overall business value.

Moreover, expert services provided by business advisors are not limited to an advisory role; they actively engage in advising programs, equipping management with the tools necessary for sustained growth. Whether you’re a small enterprise or part of the lower middle-market

sphere, the right advisor will tailor their services, ensuring that your specific hurdles in marketing, sales, or technology are thoroughly addressed. It’s through this customization that each facet of your business, from financial management to operations efficiency, is fortified and ready to compete at the pinnacle of industry standards.

In the intricate dance of M&A or the journey towards marketplace prominence, aligning with business advisors is not just an option—it’s an imperative. It’s their cross-functional advisors’ skills that often become the bedrock of enduring business success, paving the way for growth and ensuring that every strategic endeavor is sharply aligned with the company’s core objectives and long-term vision for value enhancement.

Grow Your Business Through Mergers & Acquisitions

In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, business growth can be elusive. In addition to organic growth initiatives such as marketing and offering new products and services, strategic growth through mergers & acquisitions (M&A) is a powerful tactic to grow your business. Combining growth strategies with acquisition strategies can unlock significant growth in your business. Additionally, moving up-market means that your business will trade at a higher multiple as well. As business advisors specializing in M&A and advising growth-stage companies, we are accustomed to working with business owners to create bespoke plans that include a number of different growth initiatives, not just growth through acquisition.

As experts in the M&A field, we complete 20+ transactions each year. This allows us to provide indispensable insights into the acquisition methods that align with your company’s objectives, identifying the most lucrative merger opportunities. This can be orchestrating a string of small bolt-on acquisitions, or merging with a similarly sized company that serves a different geographic market, or any number of other possibilities.

A capable business advisor should have a broad scope of knowledge on your industry and in-depth expertise in a few areas. For our team, the in-depth expertise comes in understanding the company financials, understanding the company valuation and how to drive a higher valuation and in understanding comprehensive business development.

What Do the M&A and Advisory Processes Look Like?

Sell-side due diligence

Due diligence is traditionally done by business buyers and not business brokers. However, our comprehensive sell-side process includes a diligence process before we bring a business to market. 

Our comprehensive diligence process is designed to drive the highest value for the business owner as buyers know that there won’t be any skeletons in the closet once they submit an offer and start spending money on legal and financial diligence.

Specially designed brokerage or M&A auction process

Depending on the size of your business and industry your company operates in, we may recommend a traditional brokerage process with a listing price. Or, a competitive auction process with buyers submitting the price and terms for negotiation. 

Our buyer list is comprehensive and will be tailored to include (or exclude) and participants in your industry who may make great strategic buyers or who you want to avoid knowing the business is on the market.

Short-listing finalists

It isn’t uncommon for strong, sizable companies to get 5+ indications of interest (soft offers). We’ll then validate those buyer groups, attend dinners where they meet out clients, prepare further data on the business and negotiate the deal terms that buyers will propose in their final offer.

Negotiate LOI terms and facilitate diligence

Once LOI’s have been received from potential buyers we work with our clients to select the most attractive offer before executing the exclusive LOI.

It’s common for diligence to take 60-90 days before closing. This requires a significant time commitment from all parties. Additionally, final deal points are negotiated and contested during this period.

Talk to the experts

Care to learn more about Raincatcher’s brokerage and M&A processes and what we can do for your business? Get in touch with us for a complimentary consultation.

Rollups and Other Services Provided by Business Advisors

As business advisors, we aim to provide insight to our clients on how they can grow their business, stremline their companies operations and grow. The growth initiatives we typically highlight for our clients can be both organic and inorganic. Organic growth means increasing the marketing of the business, the geographic footprint, the industries of focus, the product and service lineups, etc. These are commonly recognized initiatives to achieve business growth.

While there are many business advisors who can provide value to you and your business by showing you synergies and organic ways to grow, our focus on M&A and execution team can be leveraged to grow your business inorganically as well. Private equity groups have utilized a process for decades that more recently is being embarked upon by founder and family owned businesses. This growth initiative is called the rollup strategy. This is when a larger company, called a platform has a strong operating team, systems and processes and grows by acquiring similar, smaller companies in it’s same industry.

For companies looking to embark on a rollup strategy, it is imperative that they know their business model through and through and know exactly what traits a good bolt-on target would have. Additionally, you’ll need to have the ability to make contact with these bolt-on acquisition targets (through your M&A advisor), make them an acquisition offer and integrate their company into your existing one.

There are several benefits to running a rollup strategy and acquiring small businesses. First off, you should be able to acquire the small companies for a much lower valuation than you, as the parent company is worth. Second, you are often-times eliminating a competitor or another related business. Third, you are growing your staff and your client list at the same time and doing so much more quickly than you would through organic growth. Lastly, there are typically synergies that you can pickup that make the businesses run more efficiently under one company instead of as their own, smaller, separate entities.Rich content results: Image