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Our M&A Advisor team treats your business just like you do

Our seasoned team of partners has collectively completed over a billion dollars in enterprise value from combined transactions. Raincatcher’s streamlined M&A advisory process drives competition between buyers to ensure our client receives the highest value and best terms for their business.

Our award-winning team of former entrepreneurs and investment bankers have earned the trust of our clients in selling over $500M in small and mid-sized businesses.

The Raincatcher Process

The Raincatcher Process - A Specialized M&A Advisory Auction Methodology

Our M&A process is specifically designed to maximize transaction proceeds and terms for businesses of $1M+ in annual EBITDA.

Sell-side due diligence

Our sell-side process includes a comprehensive due diligence plan that empowers clients to fully understand the complexities of bringing their business to market, with holistic and transparent consultations every step of the way by our M&A team.

With a specific marketing plan in place, your advisor will represent your business to a network of buyers and investors interested in the acquisition of your company. We’ll navigate offers and provide detailed documentation and a full-scale snapshot of your business to drive the absolute highest value. Buyers are assured that their confidentiality is protected, thereby streamlining the process for both buyer and seller.

Specially designed brokerage or M&A auction process

Size and industry matters. We’ll review the unique attributes and value proposition of your company and advise you which route to take—a traditional brokerage process with a listing price or a competitive auction process.

Once your advisor has a plan in place, we’ll put together an optimal and comprehensive list of potential buyers. Together, we’ll review to ensure those investors include (or exclude) participants in your industry, and present our recommendations for your final approval.

Short-listing finalists

It’s not uncommon for strong, sizable companies to get 5+ indications of interest. We vet these potential buyers to make sure they are capable before providing confidential information. We then provide more and more information throughout the process while narrowing the field through multiple bidding rounds.

Our proven process is similar to how Wall Street investment banks sell billion-dollar deals—we’re invested and we’ll help structure a final deal that aligns with your goals and your buyer’s objectives.

Negotiate LOI and facilitate diligence

After receiving Letters of Intent (LOI) from interested buyers, we’ll work with you to select the best offer. Once we have a signed, mutually agreed-upon LOI, the buyer’s due diligence phase begins.

This phase typically takes between 60-90 days before closing. While we are typically exclusive with a single buyer at this stage, we have agreed upon all major deal points in the LOI. 

Talk to an M&A advisor

Need more information about our brokerage and M&A advisory services? Get in touch with us to request a complimentary consultation to discuss what we can do for you and your business—when you’re ready, we are.

Take a look at some of our redacted marketing materials for our M&A client’s companies. We leverage these documents to present companies to buyers and solicit initial offers.

A Snapshot of the Sell-side M&A Process

Each aspect of the M&A process is tailor-made for our client’s business. That means that desired outcomes, number of industry-specific buyers, number of anticipated bids, and due diligence items are factored into the process before we approach potential buyers.

As M&A advisors, we shoulder a large percentage of the work involved to sell your business. It’s important to note that as the business owner, you’ll also be heavily involved in the process as well. Expect to spend a significant amount of time—six months or more—to structure a successful outcome. 

Recently Closed Transactions

Recently Closed Transactions By Raincatcher Advisors

What Our M&A Clients Have to Say

Request A Consultation

If your business currently generates over $2M in annual revenue or is on path to do so and you’re considering selling. In that case, we’d welcome the opportunity to get introduced and discuss our M&A, exit planning, and advisory services may be a fit for you.

Mergers & Acquisitions FAQs

We aim to provide complete transparency to our clients to help illuminate what can prove to be a complicated process of selling their business.

How Long is the Process to Sell A Business

Most of our M&A clients are lower middle-market companies ($500k – $10M in EBITDA). Clients in this size range typically benefit from a full auction process as it will drive multiple bids for their business. This process takes 7-9 months on average.

Is The Selling Process Confidential?

Yes. We make every prospective buyer register with us, sign an NDA and go through a vetting process before they ever see the name of a business that is listed for sale.

How Many Companies Do You Sell Per Year?

We work as partners or as teams of three on most of our clients deals. On the average year each member of our team will be a part of 3-4 successful closings.

How Do M&A Advisors Get Paid?

Like most advisors, we charge a small retainer when signing a client on, but primarily get paid by charging a success fee that is a percentage of what we are able to sell the business for. This fee varies based on the size of the business, how quickly it will sell, how much preparation work and sell-side due diligence will be required from us, etc.