Other Services

Transaction Execution Support, Corporate Development and Valuation Services

Based on frequent requests from our clients and prospects, we have built ancillary services to assist companies looking to grow through acquisition and that are seeking an accurate valuation.

Business Valuations

We frequently hear from business owners who are looking for accurate valuations. These valuations are valuable for management buyouts, tax and estate planning, and mergers.

When compiling valuations we will provide a range of valuations that have been arrived at through various valuation methodologies as well as the one that we believe to be most accurate for your particular business, which we call the “Raincatcher Valuation” This is based on the valuation method we believe to be most prevalent for your industry and business life stage. 

Outsourced Corporate Development

Given our exclusive focus on working with companies in the lower middle market, we have developed a strong understanding at what companies will make suitable bolt-on acquisitions for private equity groups and other privately held companies.

Companies looking to grow through acquisition can leverage our outbound marketing expertise and our deal expertise to get in front of proprietary bolt-on targets.

Late-Stage Transaction Execution Support

We are occasionally approached by sellers who have found their own buyer (or vice versa) who want our professional expertise and guidance to get through close.

In these unique cases, we will typically quote a fixed fee (as opposed to a percentage of the transaction) and provide our opinion on the fairness of the deal as well as assist in navigating the many pitfalls that can derail a deal.