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Business brokerage and M&A services for Celveland and surrounding areas

With a rich history in manufacturing and a growing emphasis on technology and healthcare sectors, Cleveland offers a unique blend of opportunities for entrepreneurs and established businesses.

Cleveland is a hub for advanced manufacturing, focusing on automotive, aerospace, and biomedical industries. The presence of renowned institutions like the Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University fuels innovation in the healthcare and biotechnology sectors, attracting startups and investment in cutting-edge research.

In recent years, Cleveland has also witnessed a surge in technology-driven entrepreneurship. The city has a thriving startup scene, supported by organizations like JumpStart Inc. and the Plug and Play Cleveland accelerator. 

Cleveland’s strategic location provides businesses with access to a vast consumer market. Situated on the shores of Lake Erie, the city offers easy transportation links through its international airport and extensive highway and rail networks. Additionally, Cleveland’s living and business cost is relatively lower than other major cities, making it an attractive destination for companies seeking affordability without compromising amenities.

The local government actively fosters the business climate, offering incentives and support programs to attract investment and promote economic development.

The highest level of business brokerage and M&A for Celveland

At Raincatcher, we prioritize empowering our clients to work diligently to ensure they receive optimal value when selling their businesses. 

Our services encompass the entire transaction process. Starting with a meticulous business valuation and in-depth market analyses. As seasoned business brokers serving clients across the country, we expertly assess the fair market value of businesses while evaluating the ever-changing market conditions, equipping our clients with the necessary insights for well-informed decision-making. 

Our comprehensive support includes strategic positioning, financial analysis, and impactful marketing efforts tailored to attract qualified buyers, expanding the possibilities for our clients.


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We understand the business landscape and economy in Celveland

A track record of servicing Ohio companies

Cleveland is a city that offers unparalleled opportunities for business owners looking to sell their companies. Boasting a diverse and resilient economy, Cleveland provides a favorable environment for growth, innovation, and profitability. 

The city’s business-friendly policies are key advantages for business owners considering selling their companies in Cleveland. Cleveland offers favorable tax incentives, resources for small and medium-sized enterprises, and a supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem. By capitalizing on Cleveland’s strengths and leveraging its strategic advantages, business owners can unlock a world of opportunities with the support of seasoned brokers, ensuring a smooth and lucrative transition for their enterprises.

The Raincatcher Process

How we get top dollar for our Celveland clients

Sell-side due diligence

Due diligence is traditionally done by business buyers and not business brokers. However, our comprehensive sell-side process includes a diligence process before we bring a business to market. 

Our comprehensive diligence process is designed to drive the highest value for the business owner as buyers know that there won’t be any skeletons in the closet once they submit an offer and start spending money on legal and financial diligence.

Specially designed brokerage or M&A auction process

Depending on the size of your business and industry your company operates in, we may recommend a traditional brokerage process with a listing price. Or, a competitive auction process with buyers submitting the price and terms for negotiation. 

Our buyer list is comprehensive and will be tailored to include (or exclude) and participants in your industry who may make great strategic buyers or who you want to avoid knowing the business is on the market.

Short-listing finalists

It isn’t uncommon for strong, sizable companies to get 5+ indications of interest (soft offers). We’ll then validate those buyer groups, attend dinners where they meet out clients, prepare further data on the business and negotiate the deal terms that buyers will propose in their final offer.

Negotiate LOI terms and facilitate diligence

Once LOI’s have been received from potential buyers we work with our clients to select the most attractive offer before executing the exclusive LOI.

It’s common for diligence to take 60-90 days before closing. This requires a significant time commitment from all parties. Additionally, final deal points are negotiated and contested during this period.

Talk to the experts

Care to learn more about Raincatcher’s brokerage and M&A processes and what we can do for your business? Get in touch with us for a complimentary consultation.

Our business brokerage and M&A team for Ohio

Our remote approach enables us to break geographical barriers and connect with clients nationwide, providing tailored support and guidance in selling and buying businesses. With a team of dedicated experts and a deep understanding of various sectors, we seamlessly navigate the dynamic landscape, empowering entrepreneurs and unlocking new opportunities in every corner of the nation. Having advisors spread out across the country allows us to meet our clients virtually and at their place of business to better understand the operations and to travel to meet with the investors for management meetings.


Request a Complimentary Consultation with a Business Broker

Selling your business is a big move and deserves you working with a team who understands what you’re going through. At Raincatcher, all our business brokers do is work with founder and family-owned companies to help maximize their exit. 

Meet the team serving Celveland

Get introduced to the #1 business broker according to Inc. magazine and learn about our process and what you can expect when selling your business.


Fully remote and still serving Celveland

It is important to us to build a relationship with our clients, and our advisors can provide regional support and schedule remote consultations. Should we elect to work together, we would be happy to meet you at your place of business or at a local co-working space to understand your operations better.

Other areas we have served in Ohio

Fifth Third Building, 600 Superior Ave, Cleveland, OH 44114

The benefit of being spread across the country is that we have a business broker and M&A advisor within an hour or two of most businesses based in the lower 48 and can meet clients at coworking spaces or their place of business.

Business Broker FAQs

We aim to provide complete transparency to our clients to help illuminate what can prove to be a complicated process of selling their business.

How Long is the Process to Sell A Business

Most of our clients are lower middle-market companies ($500k – $10M in EBITDA). Clients in this size range typically benefit from a full auction process as it will drive multiple bids for their business. This process takes 7-9 months on average.

Is The Selling Process Confidential?

Yes. We make every prospective buyer register with us, sign an NDA and go through a vetting process before they ever see the name of a business that is listed for sale.

How Many Companies Do You Sell Per Year?

We work as partners or as teams of three on most of our clients deals. On the average year each member of our team will be a part of 4-6 successful closings.

How Do Business Brokers Get Paid?

Like most business brokers, we charge a small retainer when signing a client on, but primarily get paid by charging a success fee that is a percentage of what we are able to sell the business for. This fee varies based on the size of the business, how quickly it will sell, how much preparation work and sell-side due diligence will be required from us, etc.