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Many of Raincatcher’s Partners and Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisors come from backgrounds as middle market consultants, accountants, and investment bankers.

We aim to bring a middle market team and skillset down to the lower middle market to execute recapitalization and M&A, where it has historically been less available.

Raincatcher partners and M&A advisors come from successful careers as investment bankers, Big 4 accountants and consultants and as small business owners.

We provide investment banking services to assist founder and family-owned companies in maximizing their business value and capabilities. If you are looking to raise capital or sell your business, we welcome you to send us a message to get introduced.

What a Consumer Investment Banking & M&A Can Do For Your Business

In the lower middle market, consumer product companies and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands engage the expertise of investment bankers, such as Raincatcher, to navigate the intricacies of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), recapitalizations, growth capital raises, and strategic exit planning. Both DTC brands and those selling through wholesale look to our guidance when contemplating pivotal moves, such as selling their company, acquiring another company, or optimizing capital structure.

Our instrumental role in crafting optimal deal structures, deftly negotiating terms, and leveraging your extensive network for potential buyers or sellers holds particular importance for consumer product and DTC clients.

Exit planning and strategic guidance become crucial for consumer product companies and DTC brands considering strategic exits, succession planning, partnership buyouts, or redefining their market positioning. In essence, consumer product companies and DTC brands look to lower middle market investment bankers like Raincatcher for adept deal-making skills, the ability to present their business thoroughly and accurately to buyers in the industry, our expansive networks, and the capacity to enhance value throughout the M&A process, recapitalizations, capital raising or exit planning.

How an Investment Bank Orchestrates Mergers & Acquisitions for E-commerce and Consumer Brands

As an investment banker working with our clients on their recapitalizations, mergers & acquisitions, and strategic advisory service needs, one of our primary focuses is on serving lower middle market clients within the consumer product and direct-to-consumer (DTC) sector. Our diverse clientele includes consumer product companies, retail brands, and DTC businesses operating in various niches such as apparel, home goods, and lifestyle products.

Your services are designed to meet the distinct needs of consumer product companies and DTC brands. This includes retail brands seeking strategic acquisitions, DTC startups exploring partnerships, and established consumer product companies optimizing their capital structure through recapitalizations.

Whether our clients are involved in fashion, household goods, or one of several other consumer-centric industries, our role is to guide them through pivotal strategic moves. This involves facilitating mergers and acquisitions to enhance market share, assisting in recapitalizations to fuel expansion, and providing strategic advisory services to navigate the competitive landscape of the lower middle market in the consumer product and DTC industry.

The Raincatcher M&A Process at a Glance

Mergers & Acquisitions for E-commerce and Consumer Brands Process and Service

How We Work With Our Consumer Investment Banking & M&A Clients

Thesis Development

Our clients typically come to us with an array of desired outcomes in mind. Once we are able to get a better understanding of your company and what you’re looking to accomplish, we can give guidance on what you can expect from the market and help guide you on that process.

Valuations vary based on the stage the economy is in. However, we put together a DTC and e-commerce business valuation multiples article to help you get a better understanding of valuation.

Specially designed investment banking process

Whether we are working with clients on their buy-side or sell-side M&A, or an equity or debt recapitalization, there are similarities in our approach.

We believe that the through preparation of a data room and investor materials is crucial in achieving the desired outcome and in giving our clients the most offers to look through. 

This process, as well as the caliber of the team executing it is the primary difference between a business broker and an investment bank.

Short-listing prospective partners

Whether we are targetting private equity groups, banks or private money lenders or solely focused on strategic buyers, we tailor a prospect list to each client to make sure that we are getting the business in front of the proper group of debt and equity investors.

Gather bids, negotiate terms and facilitate diligence

Once IOI’s have been received from potential debt and equity investors, we work with our client to short-list the most capable firms and share more information with them ahead of their LOI.

Once they submit an LOI, we negotiate those deals extensively before one is signed and due diligence commences.

Next Steps for Your Mergers & Acquisitions for E-commerce and Consumer Brands

If you’re looking for a capital partner to continue to fuel the businesses growth and fund inventory, you may be interested in growth equity financing as opposed to a traditional M&A process.

What Our M&A Clients Have to Say

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If you’re a business owner and you are currently looking for growth capital, buying out a partner or investor, or taking on an investment partner; we welcome the opportunity to get introduced to discuss our specialized debt and equity recapitalization process and services.