How To Sell Your Online Business The Profitable Way With Mark Woodbury

How can you sell your online business in a profitable way? Get a broker who knows the digital market in and out. Susan Frew and Marla DiCarlo's guest today is none other than Raincatcher's Digital Division Managing Director, Mark Woodbury. Join in the conversation and discover how Mark successfully sold his websites for thousands of dollars before coming to Raincatcher. Mark explains that if you want competitive bids, use a broker. Tune in and learn how to sell your online business!

Hosted by Marla DiCarlo and Susan Frew, this show discusses the ins and outs of selling and buying businesses and building value for the future. We toss around the cliché that small business owners put tons of blood, sweat, and tears into their business. This is true. Too often, small business owners leave money on the table. They don't take advantage of negotiation because they don't know how to improve or can't determine the right way to market themselves.

Don’t have a sellable company? That is the reason we’re here! Welcome to the Raincatcher podcast.


Mark Woodbury serves as Managing Director of the Raincatcher Digital Division. The Digital Division is dedicated to assisting successful entrepreneurs through the nuanced process of evaluating and selling their eCommerce, SaaS, media website, marketing agency or other digital service business.

Mark jumped on the opportunity to join the Raincatcher team and assist in building out the digital division after cofounding and acting as the CEO of a boutique brokerage firm that worked exclusively with digitally native companies. Mark has been a guest on a handful of podcasts and conferences to discuss everything from the nuances of selling an Amazon business to how business owners can mitigate risk with content websites and prepare them for an optimal exit.




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