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Find out now with a 100% CONFIDENTIAL,
ACCURATE & FREE Business Valuation

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If You Are Looking To Sell Your Business Then You’ve Probably Asked Yourself This Question Already…


The business sale process starts with knowing what your business is worth, and there is no need to guess.

  • You may simply want to know how much your business is worth to ensure you get the maximum value for your business when you sell it.
  • You may be preparing for a partnership buyout, or a capital raise.
  • You may be preparing your business for future exit.
  • You may even be facing other business, family or even personal issues that may require an valuation.

Now you can get a very accurate valuation of what your business is worth in today’s market, and it’s absolutely FREE, compliments of Raincatcher.

Our industry-leading team of business buying and selling experts have behind-the-scenes access to all of the latest and best valuation methods and tools available, plus they have their finger on the current pulse of the market.

Most importantly, they know how to analyze and interpret all of the available metrics and data to give you a fast, accurate, reliable, and 100% confidential business valuation.


100% CONFIDENTIAL, ACCURATE & FREE Business Valuation

We appraise your company based on many factors. Your business valuation is determined by a factor of multiples from your last 12 months’ earnings, based on the sale of similar companies to yours. What makes that multiple higher or lower depends on several factors.

Your business valuation is based on:

  • Age of the business
  • Brand strength and recognition
  • Brand defensibility
  • Distribution of sales sources
  • How reliant the business is on you as the owner
  • Customer acquisition system
  • What the growth prospects are
  • Responsibilities of the team, number of employees, and whether they have contracts
  • Whether you have documented, formalized procedures
  • Growth trend (declining, steady, or growing)
  • Market trend (declining, steady, or growing)

In order to get maximum value for your business at sale, it’s necessary to understand its worth.

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