Jonathan Scott

VP - Business Development



A dynamic business development professional and communication expert from Cleveland, Tennessee, Jonathan began his career journey in marketing and communications in 2021. In early 2022, he started working as a Business Development Manager at a Houston-based marketing agency. There, Jonathan honed his ability to drive business growth and nurture trust and strong relationships with leads and clients alike. Jonathan’s knack for leadership soon saw him overseeing a dedicated team of BDRs, and by the year’s end, he stepped up as the VP of Operations, injecting a strong business development focus into the role. In mid-2023, Jonathan expanded his expertise to become VP of Operations at a sister firm focused on M&A advisory growth partnerships. Jonathan’s adeptness in forging steadfast business relationships and driving strategic growth initiatives makes him a vital asset to our team as we navigate the intricate world of M&A advisory and facilitate effective, relationship-driven business transitions.


Jonathan was born in southern California, moved to Maine with his parents as a young child, and remained there until he married in 2020. From there, he moved to east Texas, and lived there for two years until transitioning to Cleveland, Tennessee in July of 2023. He has two young boys, and two dogs, a German shepherd and an English shepherd. Jonathan loves spending time with his family, playing his guitar, traveling through the mountains on weekends, hunting, & praying and meditating on different Bible scriptures. He and his wife are also entrepreneurs in the making, Jonathan with a photography business on the horizon, and his wife with a future candle business.

Favorite part of working at Raincatcher:

I love that everyone here is an experienced entrepreneur who legitimately cares for their clients. Entrepreneurship is deeply engrained in my nature, but growing up, I never had the chance to explore that side of me until I got into college and decided to pursue that route on my own. Here at Raincatcher, I get to work with these industry experts and guide family-owned businesses into one of the most important and impactful transitions of their lives, the culmination of years of their hard work and heart’s labor, and that’s a rewarding feeling.