Mark Woodbury

Managing Director



Mark Woodbury serves as Managing Director of the Raincatcher Digital Division. The Digital Division is dedicated to assisting successful entrepreneurs through the nuanced process of evaluating and selling their eCommerce, SaaS, media website, marketing agency or other digital service business.

Mark jumped on the opportunity to join the Raincatcher team and assist in building out the digital division after cofounding and acting as the CEO of a boutique brokerage firm that worked exclusively with digitally native companies. Mark has been a guest on a handful of podcasts and conferences to discuss everything from the nuances of selling an Amazon business to how business owners can mitigate risk with content websites and prepare them for an optimal exit.


When Mark isn’t working he can be found pursuing one of his many hobbies, including: camping, leatherwork, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, weightlifting and woodwork. Originally from Chico, CA, Mark is an avid San Francisco Giants and 49ers fan.

Favorite part of working at Raincatcher:

I love learning from entrepreneurs. I meet new business owners every day who have each overcome obstacles, solved problems innovated and overcome. Being surrounded by these people and collaborating with them to accomplish a common goal keeps me excited to start working each morning.
Mark W